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Domenica Diodati - Obituaries

Domenica Diodati

May 23, 1925 - April 13, 2020
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Lorraine OConnor
New York, NY
I met Domenica about 18 years ago through a charity called Visiting Neighbors.  They never mentioned to me that she was 100% blind.  On my first visit to her Chelsea apartment she invited me in to play Scrabble and have some cookies.  2 hours later she crushed me by 100 points.  I have 20/20 vision and she was 40+ years older than I.  I visited her once a week after my job in midtown Manhattan.  I did some shopping for her, read her knitting patterns (she was an expert knitter), Gave her a manicure, took her out for a walk.  Then one day her newly widowed younger sister Natalie (also blind) moved in and suddenly once I week I was “visiting the blind ladies.” They were funny in that they were so alike as siblings and yet had totally different personalities.  We had a lot of laughs playing games, going out to dinner at the Malibu diner or they’re favorite place, The Olive Garden.  Occasionally I would take them on a taxi ride to one of my favorite places down in the West Village.  They were always up for an adventure and celebration.  I would say “Its Wednesday night, how about some wine and cheese?” And the answer was always “yes please!” Never once did they turn down a sweet treat. Domenica and I were very sad when Natalie moved down to South Carolina with her son but knew it was best for her safety.  And I was heartbroken when Domenica told me of her passing in January 2019.  Domenica was never really the same joyful self after Natalies death but she was still an incredible inspiration to me and such a thoughtful person and I cant hear the “Jeopardy” theme song without thinking about her.  I know in my heart of hearts that Natalie and Domenica are together with their parents in heaven.  If you do plan a service after the pandemic, please know that she asked me to write down her funeral wishes and she wanted a Catholic mass at Our Lady of the Sea.
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